New Title: I Resign

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The first project that will be published is a title from Elle Richards I Resign the pen name of the author behind the scenes of Hummingbird Rebel Books.




“If he thinks one steamy night on his office desk is going to make me forget how much I hate working for him, he has another thing coming.
Grant Powell always gets what he wants, and I will not be one of the things he plays with and throws away, like all his other toys.”

Kristina Daniels is a public relation specialist at Windsor Powell, a third generation business firm run by CEO Grant Powell. After a steamy late night office romp, she gives two weeks notice and finds a new job. When her new job offer gets mysteriously rescinded, she is desperate to find the source.
Grant Powell wanted the feisty PR specialist Kris Daniels from the first day he laid eyes on her. He tried everything to get her out of his head, but nothing worked, after a steamy late night meeting he knows he wants more. Only one problem, she just sent HR her resignation letter. Grant is not going to let the only woman who made him feel something slip away. He’s determined to keep her close to him at all costs.

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